Sunday, August 11, 2013

Trout Fishing makes a comeback

In my last post I spent some time writing about the devastation of the 10 and 11th July 2013 rainstorms that wrecked Apple Creek Trout seems this was a mistake...the trout have mysteriously reappeared and are now located through-out the last 2 outings prior to the 11th of August I only seen one trout but today I seen 12 other trout from the park area all the way up to the Pittsburg Bridge...they looked healthy and I managed to catch 2 of them..

It appears that the trout fishing will go on and the trout have survived the floods....I am glad to see the trout swimming around giving me and others a great angling experience to catch and release them.....I guess time will only tell but I do know this some of the trees that are blocking the flow of the creek have to be dealt with in order to substain current flow and bring enough oxygen to the creek for the trout to survive...maybe in time with the next rain event those trees will be pushed out of the way....of course that event happened in 2008 and the creek was reconstructed by the raging water....only time will tell...but for now I will enjoy the Catch and Release Trout fishing at Apple Creek...


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