Saturday, August 3, 2013

July 10th and 11th Devastates Apple Creek

July 10th and 11th of 2013 is a date most of us will remember...those dates massive amounts of rain flooded parts of Wooster and also Apple Creek....I paid a visit to the Creek on July the 12th and it was still about 1 1/2 foot above normal so I waited til that Sunday to go down and fish for was I surprised...the entire creek has been changed and has devastated the trout fishing....all the deep holes were now filled in and most of the trout are gone....only spotted 2 trout in the last 2 outings and I will not be going back any time soon....there are many large trees that are down across the creek blocking any fish progression up or down stream and the banks of one of the locations on the creek in the next rain event will give up 3 or 4 more huge trees to the creek....I have been fly fishing this creek quite often during the last year and I and alot of the other anglers are quite heartbroken to see the creek in such bad shape...I have no idea if anything can be done in the way of restoration work....but one thing is for certain...the way the creek is set up now....the trout fishing will be coming to an end shortly if the trees continue to block the progression of the fish up or down stream....Apple Creek was my favorite creek to fly fish...but for now I am going to have to find alternative spots due to the creeks condition....the July 10th and 11th rain storms did more than flood alot of peoples homes and ruined the fishing on Apple Creek.....

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