Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oct 19th and 20th Fly Fishing clinics and stocking was a success

Apple Creek along with the ODNR got funds to stock the creek with rainbow, brown and golden trout along with the stocking on Saturday a fly fishing clinic was held for those interested in learning the skills and techniques of catching trout on a fly...These clinics were held on both Saturday and Sunday and were a success and many happy faces along with the usual fish stories were told....I had the pleasure of being one of 14 guides to help others learn the fly fishing skills and most of the others there also were given advise ranging from using the proper leader and tippet and what type fly's to use....everyone enjoyed themselves and were catching fish., although Saturday had a little rain very few complained...Sunday turned out to be the nicest day of the stockings although it was sunny out the trout were a little more picky on what they would hit...but I seen quite a few of the new anglers pulling out trout and releasing them back into the creek with the Catch and Release encouraged at Apple Creek....The creek was stocked with not only with Rainbow trout but also Brown and Golden Trout....It's a great feeling to know that when all the other main rivers are blown out Apple Creek is normally fishable the next day after a hard rain....Thanks to the Clear Fork Chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Ohio Dept of Natural resources in providing funds for us fly fishermen who pursue trout on a regular basis...Apple Creek is still my favorite place to fish.