Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nov 16, 2013 - The last stocking of Apple Creek for this year

The last stocking of Apple Creek for this year was today...and it was by far a great day not only for catching fish but also stocking the creek and doing a micro-vertabre study of the creek which indicates a very healthy population of Stone Flies, Caddis and Mayfly Larvae, red worms and other insects for the trout to eat over the winter....there will be plenty of fishing opportunities over the winter as there are plenty of trout in the creek..

Thanks once again to the Clear Fork River Chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Ohio Dept of Natural Resources for providing funds to keep Apple Creek a great fishery for trout anglers. 


  1. No updates in over a year now. Sorry to see that...This was a cool blog. Are they still stocking/fishing out there on Apple Creek, or has that all ended? I'm from Massillon, I'm a beginner, and I'm trying to teach myself the art of tying and fly fishing. I'd love more info if you have it.

    1. Get updates and see other members catching Trout....Trout are stocked two times every year in the fall and winter.