Saturday, October 20, 2012

The little Gem in Wooster Ohio for Trout Fishing

Back in May of 2012 I was online searching for places to fish for trout...and I came upon a couple of articles about Apple Creek in Wooster Ohio....not living to far from there I went down one day just to check it out....I didn't think to much of it at the time because it was a smaller creek that I am not used to fishing.

Most trout fisherman have already heard about all the Lake Erie Tributaries like Rocky River, Chagrin, Grand River and Conneaute and a few other lesser known streams that go into Lake Erie....most have heard of the Mad River and Clear Fork but very few have ever heard of Apple Creek as a place to fish for Trout.

So in May of 2012 I packed my fly fishing gear and headed down to Apple Creek to fish for a luck would have it I hooked and landed 2 nice brown trout and 1 rainbow trout on the first ever visit to the took me about 2 hours of fishing to catch all the trout...and in between the catching of the trout I also caught creek chubs, bluegills, a few small mouth bass and a few rock bass.....

Since that 1st visit....I call Apple Creek my favorite place to fish when all the major rivers and streams are blown out after a heavy rain.......Apple Creek is a spring fed creek and will support trout all year long and it remains cool even in the heat of the summer months.

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